Kaltura MediaSpace iOS Mobile Application Setup Instructions

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Setup Instructions and Configuration

  1. Contact a Kaltura representative to enable the mobile app on your instance.
  2. Go to the module kmsapi in your KMS admin and enable the module. There is no need to turn off the native module that serves the old KMS app.
  3. Home_Playlists - Set the homepage playlists (custom or pre-configured). You can set a different playlist than your web browser view.
  4. playerAutoPlayOnLoad - Set if you want the player to auto playback the video with the page load. You can set a different configuration than your web browser view.
  5. mobileSessionLifeTime - Set the length of a mobile KMS user session (in seconds). Note that every KMS SaaS version deployment will force a new session (on top of the value input here). You can have a 'Persistent Cookie' configuration so that users will not have to log in - contact your Kaltura rep for that setup.
  6. Branding:
    1. Color - You can set the color of some of the elements in your app. Input RGB values (appColorR, appColorG, appColorB).
    2. splashImageUrl - You can set 1 out of 2 Splash screens the app presents when it loads. Note you need to input the URL value of an image (size of 192x131), and begin with https://
  7. downloadEnabled - Set if you want users to be able to download media to their device for offline playback. Note that media on the device won't be accessible through the phone's 'videos' access and only through KMS GO. Media is saved on the device per KMS instance.
  8. downloadQuality - You can choose 1 out of 2 available quality options for your users' downloaded media - high or low.
  9. Smart banner config

App Known Limitations

  1. The 'Sslsettings' field must be set to 'login' or 'all site' (cannot be 'none'). Set Sslsettingsin the KMS admin under Auth/sslsettings. This is due to Apple's requirement.
  2. The app cannot play the following entry types: Interactive Video Quiz, Webcast, Live.
  3. The app uses Apple native player and not Kaltura's Player SDK, hence no customizations are enabled on the player.
  4. The player in the app cannot show Chapters or Slides.
  5. For iPad users - The app can be used on an iPad, Note: it is an iPhone app (not a Universal app) when you search for it in the store.
  6. Authentication:
  • in SSO or SAML authentication methods, if the external URL (external to Kaltura) implementation is through HTTP basic authentication (browser opens a pop up for user and password) - still not supported. Other methods are supported.
  • In SAML suthentication method - In order for the Identity Provider (IP) to clean the session on its side, need configure few settings on MediaSpace SAML module. 
    • logoutRedirectUrl – fill in the IP logout URL
    • useInternalLogoutPage – Set to 'NO'. This configuration effects whether the users will be redirected to KMS web logout page or to an external one. Note: Currently SAML module configuration is shared between KMS WEB and KMS GO. There for KMS Web will be effected from this setting as well.
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