Kaltura Contribution Wizard (KCW) Project Setup in Flash Builder

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Setting up the KCW Project

This article explains how developers can set up the KCW project in Flash Builder.

To set up the project

  1. Check out the workspace from http://kaltura.org/kalorg/kcw/trunk.
  2. If your SDK does not include en_US_kaltura locale, copy the locale:
    1. In the command line, set the root to the bin folder that is under your current sdk folder.
    2. Run the following command: copylocale en_US en_US_kaltura
  3. Set a valid sessionId (ks) in ContributionWizard->html-template->index.template.html. Ensure that the sessionId matches the partnerId that you use.
  4. Verify that the flash player version is 10.0.1:
    Right click the ContributionWizard project and select Properties->Flex Compiler->Adobe Flash Player options.
  5. Compile the workspace.
  6. The contribution wizard includes the following modules:
    1. SearchView
    2. SoundRecorder
    3. UploadView
    4. WebcamView

These modules are compiled under bin-debug->com->kaltura->contributionWizard->view->[Module Folder].

To run the most updated compiled modules, copy the modules from these folders to the bin-debug folder.

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