Kaltura Content Ingestion Capabilities

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The Kaltura video platform offers many ways for ingesting content into the Kaltura server, for example, single file upload, bulk file upload, mobile upload as well as other widgets you can use and integrate into your site to allow User Generated Content ingestion.

Check the list below and find the most sutiable ingestion methology for your solution:

  1. Bulk Upload (XML / CSV / FTP)
  2. Drop Folders
  3. High-Speed Upload (Aspera Drop folder)
  4. Upload using the KMC upload tab
  5. Upload using Kaltura API
  6. Kaltura Simple Uploader (KSU)
  7. Upload using MediaSpace
  8. KRecord
  9. Kaltura Contribution Wizard (KCW) - Legacy support only - Deprecated

For more options and information on upload and ingestion check our FAQ and search results.