Kaltura CLI client

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In this document you will learn more about Kaltura CLI client.

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The Kaltura CLI client is a bundle of command line utilities that can be used to interface with the Kaltura API. The client is intended mostly for experimentation / small tasks, not for full-fledged applications.

The following utilities are included in the package:

  1. kalcli - responsible for issuing Kaltura API calls, it builds the request URL and parses the response to a format that can be easily processed by command line utilities such as grep / awk. The client library contains an additional script (kalcliAutoComplete) that provides bash-autocompletion functionality to the kalcli utility. For example:

    The following utilities are included in the package:

        kalcli med[TAB]
        kalcli media l[TAB]
        kalcli media list f[TAB]
        kalcli media list filter:objectType=KalturaM[TAB]
        kalcli media list filter:objectType=KalturaMediaEntryFilter
  2. extractKs - parses a Kaltura session (KS) to its different fields.
  3. generateKs - generates a KS.
  4. renewKs - useful to renew expired Kaltura sessions, generates a KS identical to the input KS with a 1 day expiry.
  5. logToCli - Parse an API log entry array of params into a kalcli command
  6. genIpHeader - generates a signed HTTP header that can be used to simulate access to the Kaltura API from a different source IP.

NOTE: when executing without arguments, all utilities display usage information including all available flags.

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