Interactive Video Quiz Moodle Gradebook User Guide

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This article describes how to create an assignment that uses Kaltura's Interactive Video Quiz's feature and integrates with the Moodle Grade Book. 

To create an assignment using Kaltura's Interactive Video Quiz (IVQ) that integrates with the Moodle Grade Book 

  1. Create a video quiz in your My Media – See How to create a Quiz with IVQ.
  2. Select "Turn editing on".
  3. Select "Add an activity or resource" in the relevant section.
  4. Select "External Tool", click Add.
  5. In the "Preconfigured Tool" select "Kaltura Video Quiz" (or the new tool name you configured).
  6. Select "Select Content".
  7. Select a quiz from My Media or create a new one.
  8. Define your grade settings (please note scale is not supported) and  other configuration.
  9. Click "Save and Display".

When students answer and submit their quiz, see Taking a Quiz, the grade is automatically sent to the Moodle Grade Book for the relevant assignment and student.

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