Instructions for Adding the Kaltura REACH v2 Transcript Widget

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Adding the REACH v2 Transcript Widget

To add the REACH v2 Plugin

  1. Select the player in the Universal Studio.
  2. Go to the uivars section in the Plugin section.
  3. Do one of the following:
    1. Click on “Create new plugin”.
    2. Name the plugin “transcript” without the quotes
    3. Add the next 3 parameters:
  • Name “transcriptTargetId” value “transcript-player-plugin”.
  • Name “onPage” type “Boolean”. After adding this attribute make sure you check it.
  • (Optional) Name "collapsed" type Boolean value  True or False. True - transcript is hidden False - transcript is shown.
  • Click Save.
  • or

      1. Click “Import Plugin” and paste the next line without the quotes.
      2. If you want to set the default to Transcript mode, add the text "&transcript.collapsed=value" (value=true or false according to your selection)
      3. Click Import and Save..

    In case you have the transcript widget set and you want to add a configuration for the Transcript Mode (expand/collapse) do the following"

      1. Go to the uivars section in the Plugin section.
      2. Add the following:

    Key = transcript.collapsed
    Value - true/false


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