How to obtain information about and from playlists that are used in Kaltura applications

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You can get the list of playlists with all their data using the Kalura API Test Me Console

To access the Kaltura API Test Me Console

  1. Set up a session in the console: Go to Test Me console. (
  2. In the Test Me Console > press Select Service > select Session.
  3. Select Action > select Start.
  4. Find the "Secret" (string) [KMC > Settings > Integration Settings > Administrator Secret] and insert it in the Secret line in the Test Me Console.
  5. Enter your Partner ID.
  6. In "type (KalturaSessionType)" > select ADMIN.
  7. Click "Send" . The KS string is inserted and should be accurate. 

To obtain the playlist information from the Test Me Console

  1. In the Test Me Console > press Select Service > select Playlist.
  2. Select Action > select "list" 
  3. Click "Send" .
    The KalturaPlaylistFilter will contain all information about all entries as an XML. You can create your own script to isolate the information you need. 

What happens when the XML file from the API console total count does not match up to the total count of playlists?

To create a CSV file of all the playlist ids and playlist names 

  1. To get results for all of your entries, perform the steps to obtain the playlist information.
  2. Click the “Edit” button located above the “pager” field.  Another Settings page is displayed.
  3. Set "pagerSize" to be 500.
  4. Set the "pageIndex" to be 1 and select "Send" -> this will inlcude the first 500 entries.
  5. Set the "pageIndex" to be 2 and select "Send" -> this will includes entries 501 to 1000.
  6. Setting the "pageIndex" to be 3 and select "send" -> this will inlcude entries 1001 to 1500
  7. Continue incrementing the "pageIndex" value until you get to the total count of your playlist entries. 
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