How to display the highest quality thumbnail for Kaltura v2 Players?

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  • Player v2.22 and above.

 Displaying the highest quality image in a player can be achieved in the following ways:

  • Embed Methoduseful for single use and effects only the page in which the player is embedded.
  • UiVar - setting the player to always use the highest quality thumbnail, regardless of the entry, effects all pages where the player is embedded.

Embed Method

To set maximum quality thumbnail using Flashvar (embed method)

  1. See How to generate a dynamic embed code, to embed a player in a webpage. 
  2. Add the following Flashvar:

    1 "thumbnailUrl""{mediaProxy.entry.partnerId}/sp/{mediaProxy.entry.partnerId}00/thumbnail/entry_id/{}/width/height",

    **If the thumbnailUrl flashvar has another flashvar after it, make sure to have the comma after the thumbnail URL.


  3. Save the page. The highest quality thumbnail should be displayed. 



Setting the Player to Use the Highest Quality Thumbnail by Editing the Player JSON Config

1. Access the Player Utility page(allows us to edit the JSON of the player) and log in with your Kaltura credentials:

2. To allow the tool to edit the JSON config of the player, select Allow Access, then click Save and Close.

3.  Insert the ID of the player you want to edit and click Edit Player.

4. Click Edit JSON config.

5. Scroll down, and under the UiVar section, add the following key and value pairs:


{  "key""thumbnailUrl",  "value""{mediaProxy.entry.partnerId}/sp/{mediaProxy.entry.partnerId}00/thumbnail/entry_id/{}/width/height",  "overrideFlashvar"false},

6. Click Save Changes to apply the changes.


7. After the line "Update OK" appears at the top of the screen, click Close.

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