What is the business logic behind Related Media in Kaltura MediaSpace?

The Related videos functionality is activated by setting the Related configuration module in the KMS Management Console. Related media are displayed on the entry page in KMS after it is enabled and configured by the KMS system administrator. The maximum number of related entries is also set in the Related module.

Entries are categorized as related based on the following criteria:

  • Entries that are published to galleries and channels, that are under the same root category.
  • Entries a user is entitled to see.
  • Entries that have at least one identical tag to the main entry (excluding the main entry itself).
  • Entries that were published to a restricted category (a category that all logged-in users can view its content and only members or admin roles can contribute content to) are not displayed as related media.

Entries are displayed in a vertical list, in descending order from top to bottom, according to the weight of the entry.

For example, when displaying related videos by the number of matching tags per entry, an entry with 3 matching tags will appear above entry with 2 matching tags.

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