What is Kaltura’s Entitlement Model

Managing Content Entitlement

Kaltura provides a built-in infrastructure for controlling and managing end-user entitlements to content. This infrastructure includes the required attributes and permission controls as well as the server utilities for enforcing those controls.

Using Kaltura’s entitlement services, end-user facing applications such as Kaltura MediaSpace can be extended to add the following capabilities:

  • Groups’ media channels - Provides the ability to set media channels that limit access and contribution of content to members of a specific group of users.
  • Granular control over user permissions to content - Provides the ability to define different privacy and permission levels for accessing and managing content in media channels.
  • Personalized global search engine - Provides the ability for users to easily search and find relevant content from the entire set of media they are entitled to access.

Kaltura’s Entitlement Model

Kaltura’s entitlement model relies on the extension of Kaltura’s categories.  Categories may hold entitlement settings as well as specific end-user permissions. These entitlement settings and end-user permissions are inherited by media entries associated with these types of categories. 

The entitlement model provides a direct association between end-users and the collection of media items they are entitled to access, and enables a simple and efficient way to add entitlement controls to both flat and hierarchal application/website navigation layout.

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