Webcasting Workflow

Phase I - Setup

Phase II - Right before the meeting

Step 1 - Login

Login to webcastdemo.mediaspace.kaltura.com

producer / Password1

Step 2 - Create event

Under Add New select Webcast Event:

  • Enter a Name and Description.
  • Set the scheduled start time so it starts close to the demo time.
  • Set the scheduled end time so you have enough time if the meeting runs over.

Click Create Event.

Step 3 - Publish

Publish the event as Unlisted and click Save. 

By publishing as Unlisted you can also provide demo viewers the link so they can see the webcast on their computer, if needed. 

Step 4 - Entry preparation

Select Edit Webcast to start preparing the entry for the webcast. 

  1. If you have not installed the webcast application in the past, click the Download here link below the Launch button. Webcast beta release version is 2.0.79.
  2. Under the Details tab, click Upload slide deck (demo slide deck TBD). The button to launch webcast application will not be enabled until a presentation is uploaded and processed. 
  3. Launch the Webcast Producer application. It will appear offline since we have not started the video stream yet. 
  4. Under the Presenters tab add a presenter. It is always nice to add a picture too so have one handy. 

Save all the added information. The thumbnail of the event will show the first slide in the presentation. 

Step 5 - Encoder configuration

Under the Live Stream Details you'll find the info needed for the encoder. To configure FMLE follow these steps: 

  1. Click on Export XML for FMLE and save the file created. 
  2. Launch FMLE. Under the File menu, click Open Profile and select the XML created in (1). 
  3. You'll see all the details updated in the panel on the right. Edit the stream value and replace %i with 1 (e.g. replace 1_8s3u1qe3_%i with 1_8s3u1qe3_1). 
  4. Click Connect and wait for connection to be successful. 
  5. When ready to start streaming, click Start.

Step 6 - Slides broadcast

In the webcast producer application, click Yes to start slide broadcast as soon as the video starts. 

Step 7 - Attendee view

In another browser (not the same browser you're signed in as Producer), open the link to the event page. 

Log in to the website with the following credentials: 

john / Password1

You will use this window to show the attendee experience and to demo the Q&A features. 

Phase III - Suggestion for live event demo flow 

After all the steps in Phase I are followed, you should have a live event running now. The following is a suggested flow for introducing kaltura Webcasting application features and capabilities. 

Step 1 - Introduce producer experience
  • Overview of producer application modules
  • Show slides preview below
  • Switch slide
  • Show speaker notes
  • Show second screen
  • Highlight analytics
  • Skip quickly over Q&A
Step 2 - Introduce attendee experience
  • Show CorporateTube page 
  • Show presenter info and scheduling info that's available to users
  • Demo interactive viewing controls
  • Focus on Q&A tab
Step 3 - Demo Announcements
  • Explain what announcements are. 
  • From the producer application, send an announcement (e.g. Hi! We'll be starting in 5 minutes.")
  • Switch to the attendee view and show the announcement and the indication on the player.
Step 4 - Demo Q&A thread
  • Explain concept of moderated Q&A

  • Attendee view: Enter a question like "Is this session being recorded?"
  • Producer application: Show the question pop-up in the moderator tab and respond to the message - "Yes, this session is recorded"
  • Attendee view: Show the response and show the thread UX for a question. 
  • Use the context of the question to explain persistent URL - users will be able to find the recording for the event on the same page as the original live event. 
  • Attendee view: Respond to the question with "Thanks!"
  • Producer application: Show the Done/Follow up controls and click Done to move the thread to the Completed queue. 
Step 5 - Follow-up queue / Presenter queue
  • Attendee view: Enter a question like "Can you elaborate on the plans for next quarter?"
  • Producer application: Show the question and explain a moderator would likely pass this question to the presenter. Use the Follow up button to move the question to the Follow up queue.
  • Producer application: Show the follow up queue and explain presenters will be monitoring this queue. 
Step 6 - Answer on air
  • Producer application: Continue explanation from Step 5 and explain that now you're a presenter looking to respond to attendees' questions. 
  • Producer application: Click on the question in the follow up queue and explain that you can respond by text, but you'd like to address the question on stage and explain the answer. 
  • Explain the concept of answering on air (makes the question public to all users, answer will be on the video). 
  • Click the mic icon to select Answer on air
  • Explain editing of the question (e.g. change question to "Can you please elaborate on the plans for next quarter?")
  • Click the mic to start Answer on Air. Note the time on the scrubber at the top of the application. 
  • Demo the notes section that can be used to prepare for a response. 
  • After >30secs Click the Stop icon to stop the response. Note the time on the scrubber at the top of the application. 
  • Click the X to return to the thread view. 
  • Attendee view: Show that the user that asked the question received an automated response that their question will be answered on air. Explain that based on each user's latency, Answer on air will appear at the relevant time. 
  • Note when the viewer reached the start time for answer on air and show the popped up question, pointing to the editing and explain again that this question will appear for all attendees. 
Step 7 - Settings
  • In the producer application show the different options: 
    • No Q&A
    • Just announcements
    • Full Q&A
  • Explain how this can be changed during an event so the moderators can respond to whatever is going on in the event. 
Step 8 - Export
  • Point to the export option and explain a full Q&A transcript is available at the end of the event. 
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