Virtual Event Channel Creation & Editing Training Agenda


This session is intended for sponsors and will provide a full explanation on how to upload, manage and edit the content for the sponsor pages.  


  • Understand the editing process for the sponsor pages. 
  • How to Login to Content Management Site. 
  • Understand How to edit the sponsor page. 
  • Understand How to add content to the sponsor page. 
  • Understand How to create a channel playlist.
  • Learn How to edit the different sponsor editing tabs- the details tab, the event platform tab, and the chat tab.  




Greeting/ Introduction 

Learning Materials 
  • Training Recording
  • Presentation
  • User Guide
  • Q&A Chat
Glossary Overview of terminology used during the training.  

Login Process:

Learn about the login process. Understand how to log in to the content management site. 


Login Process:

  • Download authenticator app (optional) 
  • Receive email 
  • Reset password 
  • Log in to the content management site 
  • User Management – Login As 
Content Management:
  • My Media
  • All Channels
Learn about the different repositories of the event content.  
Add content to channels  

Learn how to add content to channels.  

  • How to upload new static content to a channel (white paper, etc.) 
  • Upload asset to a channel ( add new vod sessions) 
  • Add an existing media to a sponsor page (publish sessions to an additional channel page) 

Build Sponsor Page – Details Tab 

Learn how to build the sponsor page via the details tab. 

  • Add a tagline  
  • Add clickable image to a description 
  • Enable newrow live room 

Build Sponsor Page – Event Platform Tab 

Learn how to build the sponsor page via the event platform tab. 

  • Upload banner image 
  • Add logo
  • Add welcome video 
  • Choose channel rank 

Page Build Sponsor Page –  Chat Tab 

 Learn how to build the sponsor page via the chat tab. 

  • Add chat description 
  • Add autoreply 
Create channel playlist 
Learn how to build a channel playlist. 

Getting Help / Questions 

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