Release Notes

Kaltura TV Platform v21.07.01 Release Notes

Release Date: July 20, 2021

Components Compatibility Matrix

Platform API6.6.0
Concurrency Proxy1.0.6.1

Functional Capabilities 

NameDescriptionAffected Components
VIP 1401 - Account Setup wizard  - Limited availabilityA new cross-environment tool that allows:
1. Creation of OPC account templates
2. Creation of new OPC accounts
3. Distribution of OPC accounts between different environments

General availability shall be announced shortly
(after all E2E certifications)
Platform API, ASW UI (NEW)

UI interface for enabling Kaltura integrators to create and manage account-specific roles.  It provides the following specific features:

  • It allows for viewing of existing permission items
  • It allows for the creation of new permissions and the association of permission items to those permissions
  • It allows for the creation of new roles and the association of permissions to those roles
Platform API, OPC
VIP-1600 - Series recording - record only Future episodesCloud DVR enhancement that provides a new Series Recording option that will only record episodes of a later Season/Episode than that of the program season/episode from which the Series Recording was booked.  For example, if the user is currently focused on Season 4 Episode 5 of a Series and triggers a series recording request, Kaltura will record Season 4 Episode 5 and schedule additional recordings only for episodes later than season 4 episode 5. Any episode/season prior to season 4 episode 5 will not be recorded.Platform API
BEO-10084 - BE Notification shall include the action that triggered the eventPlatform event notifications are now enriched by including the action that triggered the event in the event notification.Platform API
NTVM-3836 - Provide RTL support for Name columns

When searching in Hebrew or Arabic, asset names are now right-justified instead of left-justified

BEO-10071 - Delete User PIN codes when removing HH or user 

 This feature assures that all login PINs codes are cleaned up upon deletion of a user or Household

Platform API
BEO-10012 - Regions: Distinct error codes & messages

Update "code": "5069" message to: "Region in use by household and cannot be deleted"

Platform API

Non-Functional Capabilities

Misc DevOps changes in Nginx for further information please see:

Additional information

Platform API documentation v6.6.0

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