The Kaltura Browse Search and Embed (BSE) Feature

The Kaltura Media Search is available for all KAF applications. For more information see the Kaltura Search Module User Guide.

Upload Media - Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop files to upload media via the BSE screen. Currently, the drag and drop works for only 1 video at a time. Bulk upload is on its way. 

To upload media from your desktop

  1. Select Media Upload from the Add New dropdown menu.
    The Upload Media page is displayed.
  2. Drag and drop your file or select Choose a file to upload and click Open.
  3. While the file is uploading, on the Upload Media page you can:
  • Enter metadata information about the media and click Save.
  • Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. 
  • Click Cancel to cancel the upload.

To view the media page when uploading is complete, select My Media from the User drop-down menu or access the My Media tab on your application.

Select the Embed Size

The size may be chosen from the drop-down menu.

If you do not use the drop down menu,  the default size embed is 'Medium' .



Note: In the Kaltura Building Block for Blackboard and SharePoint 2013, the drop down menu for sizes is not available since the hosting application does not allow you to define the size.

Metadata configuration is mandatory and may be displayed  through an info-button on the player.

Metadata currently includes:

  • Title - The Title can be presented on the player itself (The Title should be enabled in the KMC Studio - 'Title Label'.) See here
  • Description, upload time, number of views (These parameters should be enabled through the 'Info Screen' plugin in the KMC Studio.)

The embeded screen is a video player only (not a video page as in the previous layout).

Refresh Button

The “Refresh” button is located on the BSE main page. This allows better support for Personal Capture and CaptureSpace workflows. 

Save and Embed

Click Save and Embed from the BSE screen to save and embed your media.

Example of Embedding a Kaltura Media through the Rich-Text Editor

The KAF rich text editor integration may be used to embed media where the rich-text editor is available, such as in announcements, assignments, forums etc.

To embed Kaltura media through the rich-text editor

  1. Click on a tool available in your course, for example, Announcements and click Add.
  2. In the rich text editor click the Kaltura Media button.
    The Browse, Search and Embed window opens.
    A user can browse and search media to embed, from 'My Media' or from any other source configured, then embed it into a content type of the hosting application.
  3. To create new content from within the Browse, Search and Embed window, click the Add New button and choose the desired content type.
  4. After the upload is complete, enter the metadata and click Save and Embed.


For the KAF Admin

In the existing Browseandembed module you need to set enableNewBSEUI = yes. For additional information see the article Custom/Core Modules/KAF Browseandembed module.

The new layout uses a new player ID. After you enable the feature, the BSEPlayerID field has to be filled. You can use the existing player ID, or, if not a player ID is created on-the-fly by clicking: "CLICK ME to create a new player for the new BSE UI and functionality".

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