The Chapters and Slides Module

The Chapters module enables adding, editing and viewing chapters and slides on a media entry.

The basic configuration of enable/disable is in the Chapters module in KMS or KAF Admin console.


After you enable the module, the Timeline tab is added in the entry-edit page.

The entry editor can add new Chapters or Slides on the timeline through this tab by uploading an image and providing metadata text.

A Chapter is a marker on the media timeline that is used to provide context to a segment of the media. A Slide is a synchronized visual element to the main media.

Chapters are the top hierarchy and can include slides within them.

Users can upload a full deck of slides to present alongside their media (dual-screen experience), using the timeline functionality. The supported formats are  PPT, PPTX or PDF. See the article The Kaltura Player- Editing/Deleting Chapters and Slides for more information.

After chapters and slides are created, the player is displayed with a matching plugin that presents the chapters and slides view on it.


The viewer sees only the extended player and not the timeline for editing.

The viewer can navigate between chapters and slides inside the player view, as well as search on their text.

The minimum player version required for this module to work is v2.26. 

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