Setting up the Webcasting Live Video Stream

This article walks through the process of setting up a live stream for a webcast event using Adobe FMLE. Verify that you have the following Live Stream details from the Webcast Event page: 

  • Primary URL - the system automatically generates this URL
  • Backup URL - the system automatically generates this URL
  • Stream Name - the stream name is the stream ID and is generated automatically

You can use various live encoders. Kaltura Webcasting creates an XML file (FMLE format) to seamlessly export the live encoder information.

You can also export an XML file containing all of the Live Stream details that can later be imported to the encoder. If you're unsure about where to find the Live Stream details, review the article for Editing a Webcasting Event.

Setting up the hardware and software for Live Streaming

  1. Download the Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) from here.
  2. Install the FMLE on your local machine.
    Verify that your system has the minimum requirements (see for details).
  3. Verify that your camera is shown in the preview screen.

You can use many types of live encoders with Kaltura Webcasting. See recommended encoders here.

Setting up the Live Stream

  1. Connect your camera /recording device to the broadcasting computer.
  2. Run the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE).
  3. To enter the live stream details you have two options: 
    1. Select File  > Open Profile. Browse to the exported XML file and click OK.
    2. Enter the Live Stream details manually in the corresponding fields.
  4. Click Connect on the right hand side to verify that you're connected to the streaming server.
  5. Click Start to begin broadcasting. When the event ends, click Stop to stop broadcasting. 

To start the slide broadcast

  1. Verify that you have created the Webcast event, set up the encoder and have your slides, presenters, moderators and attendees invited to begin broadcasting.
  2. Launch the Kaltura Webcasting application.
    You will see an On-Air indication when there's a live broadcast and the first slide will be broadcast automatically. In addition, the top banner contains a scrubber that indicates the point of the Webcast Event you are currently in.

To learn more about the types of encoders you can use, see What Encoders can I use with the Kaltura Live Streaming?

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