Kaltura MediaSpace Overview

Kaltura MediaSpace is a fully customizable media destination site for your organization. MediaSpace is an out-of-the-box video-centric site that can serve as a repository for media collections across the organization or a full-featured "Corporate YouTube.”

MediaSpace enables community, collaboration and social activities by leveraging the power of online video. MediaSpace enables true collaboration with many contributors, moderators and viewers in a multitude of channels, projects and communities.

Depending on your setup, the site can be either public or restricted to authorized end users. In addition, sections of the site may be restricted to members only.

The Kaltura MediaSpace administrator sets up the content and the configuration of your MediaSpace homepage.

You may have playlists, a list of videos, or a single video displayed in the My Media window.

With MediaSpace you can

  • Browse and search public categories and channels
  • Upload and publish content
    • Contribute to categories and channels
    • Access and contribute to members-only channels
    • Create playlists
    • Create channels
    • Comment on media
    • Share media

Logging In

Logging in to MediaSpace depends on your MediaSpace configuration. When you receive the MediaSpace URL to login into, there may be two options:

  • The site presents a login window to login into MediaSpace.
  • The MediaSpace site homepage is displayed with pre-configured content.

The different login displays depend on whether your site is configured to allow anonymous users to access your portal. There are some pages in MediaSpace that are reserved for authenticated users. 

To log in to MediaSpace 

The Login window is displayed either when you open MediaSpace or when you click:

  • My Media
  • My Playlists
  • My Channels
  • Guest (Login - Logout)

In the Login window, enter your username and password.


The MediaSpace User Interface

Kaltura MediaSpace 5 (KMS 5) implements a responsive web design for optimal user experience across all devices. The MediaSpace User Interface displays differently on each device.

This guide screenshots were captured using the latest KMS UI that is configured by your administrator in the KMS Management Console (v2ui Module). The previously documented UI is available as well and you can refer to the relevant documentation on the Knowledge Center for the UI version you are using.

For example, the MediaSpace header on a desktop displays as follows:

Kaltura MediaSpace Go is available on mobile devices. For example, the MediaSpace header on a mobile device displays as follows:

For more information about KMS Go, please see the relevant documentation for your device on the Knowledge Center.

Changing the KMS Language

MediaSpace users can change the language of their specific instance dynamically. When a language is changed, it is saved on a persistent cookie on that specific browser until it is deleted. For a list of the latest  KMS and KAF languages that are supported, see What are the supported KMC, KMS & KAF languages?

To change the display language in KMS

  • Click on the Flag icon on the upper right section in the header and select the language of your choice from the drop down menu.

Administrators can create additional languages and customize existing languages.  See Localization for KMS/KAF Administrators - How to Change Your Kaltura Application Language? for additional information.

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