Playlist Administrator's Guide

This guide describes how to set up playlists in KMS and KAF.

Access Configuration Management Section of MediaSpace

  1. Login to the KMS admin page at https://{your_KMS/KAF_url}/admin.  
  2. Login using your Kaltura User ID and Password.
  3. Click Sign In. The Configuration Management Section of MediaSpace displays.

Enable Personal Playlists (KMS only)

  1. Access the PlaylistPage module to see your playlist player ID. The playerId field should already be populated. To change the playerId, see Creating a Player in the Universal Studio.
  2. Access the Headermenu module to change or remove the "My Playlist" link that is automatically created in the user pull down menu.
  3. Access the Addtoplaylists module to make settings regarding users' rights to create and add entries to playlists. 
    1. enabled - Choose Yes to enable the Addtoplaylists module. If this module is disabled, users will not be able to add any entries to playlists, in essence disabling the entire playlist feature. (Note: If users created playlists before the module is disabled, they will still be able to access them.)
    2. allowCreation - To allow users to create new playlist, set allowCreation to yes. If set to no, only the Watch Later and Like playlists are available, along with any playlists the admin creates specifically for the user from the KMC.
    3. Owner only - If set to Yes, users are only allowed to add entries that they own (entries that they can co-publish, view or edit are not included).

Enable Channel (KMS) or Media Gallery Playlists (KAF)

  1. Access the Channelplaylists module to allow Channel Managers (KMS) or Media Gallery Managers (KAF) to add a playlists collection page to their channel (in addition to the Playlist Media Page). 
    1. enabled - Choose Yes to enable the Channelplaylists module.
    2. channelPlaylistsTabName - Type a name that displays on the Channel (KMS) or Media Gallery (KAF) tab. The default name is "Home".
  2. Enable the Channeltheme module to allow Channel Managers (KMS) or Media Gallery Managers (KAF) to set the order of the tabs shown. After the Channeltheme module is enabled, Channel Managers (KMS) or Media Gallery Managers (KAF) can navigate to the Channel Edit Page, go to the Theme tab, and select the first tab to display.

Enable Embedding of Playlists 

  1. Access the Embedplaylist module. 
    1. enabled - Choose Yes to allow users to embed playlists (personal (KMS only), channel (KMS), or Media Gallery (KAF)).
    2. playlistEmbedAllowed - Select one or more roles that can embed personal playlists (KMS only).
    3. channelPlaylistEmbedAllowed - Choose Yes to make the channel playlist embed-able. Note: The Channel (KMS) or Media Gallery (KAF) playlist will be available to each Channel Manager (KMS) or Media Gallery Manager (KAF). 
    4. players - Allows the creation of a set of players from which users can choose. If no player is entered, the default viewing playlist player is used. See Creating a Player in the Universal Studio to create the relevant players in the KMC studio and add the relevant sizes.

See Using the Kaltura Browse Search and Embed (BSE) Feature for additional information. 

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