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MediaSpace & KAF-based apps v2 UI Cheat Sheet
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Kaltura Module Development Guidelines and Best Practices Developer Guide
Download PDF This guide describes how developers can extend Kaltura MediaSpace functionality and add new features through its modular architecture using Model View Controller (MVC) based modules. ...
Kaltura MediaSpace™ Channels and Permissions Planning Guide Version: 4.x
Description: Kaltura_MediaSpace_Channels_Permissions_Planning_Guide_4_x.pdf ...
Kaltura MediaSpace SSO Integration Guide 5 x
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Kaltura MediaSpace User Manual
Kaltura MediaSpace™ SAML Integration Guide
This guide describes how to configure the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) module in Kaltura MediaSpace™ (KMS) 5.x. This guide is intended for Kaltura partners, community members, and customers who want to understand and configur...
Kaltura MediaSpace Setup Guide