Kaltura MediaSpace GO (KMS GO)

Introduction to KMS GO

The Kaltura MediaSpace Go (KMS GO) Mobile application provides you with an intuitive and enjoyable way to watch, create and interact with media on-the-go.
KMS GO delivers your familiar viewing experience from the Kaltura MediaSpace™ Video Portal, with easy discovery of content, playful inspiration suggestions, sharing, offline viewing, commenting, powerful search tools, and many more exciting features.

KMS GO is a fully native app, and currently supported on iPhones for an ideal experience.

KMS GO is also iPad compatible with a 2x viewing experience.

KMS GO for Android was added to deliver a seamless experience across different devices!...stay tuned as we add more exciting features!

Initial Setup

KMS GO must initially be set up by your KMS administrator.

KMS GO for Administrators

The following documentation is available for KMS Go Administrators:


KMS Go - Android

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