Kaltura Webcasting Viewer's Guide

This article is for Kaltura Webcasting viewers that want to view the VOD after the actual Webcast event has taken place.

Viewing the Webcast Event

To View the Webcast Event

  1. Login to the MediaSpace or your KAF instance.
  2. Select My Media.
    The Webcast Event is marked with a video icon.
  3. Click on the Webcast event and click Play.

Viewing Rich Media for the Kaltura Webcast

The Kaltura Player is equipped with different viewing modes. To select the viewing mode see Viewing Rich Media in the Kaltura Player.

Viewing the Webcast Event Transcript

As soon as the live broadcast ends,  the questions and answers that were discussed during the live presentation may be exported to a CSV file and be made available for use after the presentation.

To view the exported event transcript that was created for the live event, open the CSV file that was created for the event.

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