Kaltura Webcasting Multiple Presenter Takeover

The Multiple Presenter Takeover feature may be used when Kaltura Webcasting Self-serve in enabled. This feature is only supported when broadcasting via self-serve. Co-editors can now takeover when broadcasting a self-serve from the Webcasting entry owner. In order to allow for the entry owner and the co-editors to easily take over at the right time, the preview shown in the Producer Application is Real-Time thus allowing to take over without any delays

The Presenter Takeover feature is similar to the way screen-sharing works on video conference, only one person at a time can broadcast and display their screen during a Webcasting event. 

The following assets/functionality are shared between everyone:

  1. Slides
  2. Q&A
  3. Polls
  4. Announcements

How does a Presenter Takeover the Broadcast?

Before you Begin

  1. Create a Webcasting event.
  2. Open the Kaltura Webcasting Producer application.
  3. Be certain that Webcasting for Self-serve is enabled.
  4. Check the devices to ensure that everything is set up properly.
  5. Make sure the Producer Application version is higher than 4.1.264.

Begin the Broadcast

  1. When you are ready to start broadcasting, click Setup for Broadcast.
    Each valid presenter that clicks Set Up for Broadcast is added to the Presenters tab.
    There might be a delay of up to 10 seconds for the presenters to display in the Presenters tab.
  2. All potential presenters are displayed to the broadcaster in the Presenters tab. Up to 5 presenters are officially supported. After you have been allocated as a presenter to the Webcasting event, and Setup up for Broadcast  has been clicked by the other presenters, you will see all the other presenters in the Presenters tab.
  3. Notify the presenter that they will be taking over the broadcast.
    The presenter may indicate that the broadcasting is being transferred to another presenter during the event via the Real-Time Live Preview feature in the Producer Application or they may send an instant message using another application to let the additional presenter know when to take over the broadcast.
  4. The presenter that is broadcasting will be highlighted in green in the Presenter Tab.
  5. Once the presenter that wants to take over has selected the source they would like to broadcast (camera/screen), the presenter that is taking over the broadcast should click Go to take over the broadcast.

    A prompt message is displayed whether to takeover the broadcast or not.
  6. Click Yes, Take Over Broadcast. Once the Yes button has been clicked, the presenter has taken over the broadcast and is now broadcasting to the webcasting entry instead of the previous presenter.


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