Kaltura Video Quiz Canvas Gradebook Integration Deployment Instructions

To deploy the Kaltura Video Quiz Canvas Gradebook Integration
  1. In your Canvas environment, go to Settings and click Apps:
  2. Click View App Configurations to open the list of external apps:

    The External Apps list is displayed.
  3. Click Add New App to open the Add App dialog.
  4. Select Paste XML from the Configuration Type drop down menu.
    Enter the following information:





    Name (only affects the list of installed tools)

    “Kaltura Video Quiz”

    Consumer Key

    You Kaltura account Partner Id


    Shared Secret

    Your account administrator secret


    XML Configuration

    Paste the content of the Video Quiz xml


  5. Click Submit
  6. In your KAF admin go to module: Ltigrading and enable, then click Save.
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