Kaltura Video Quiz and the D2L Brightspace Gradebook - Supplement to Grade Book User Guide

Administrative Prerequisites

From an administrative perspective, it is important that the module "Ltigrading" has been added to the "ModulesCustom/core/kaf" section of the KAF administrative interface. If a customer administrator does not see this module in their Kaltura Application Framework (KAF) admin instance, they need to contact their customer success manager (CSM). Once this module has been added, an administrator needs to enable it before the following described functionality will work.

Integrating Kaltura VQ with the D2L Brightspace Gradebook

Add Existing Activities vs. Embedding via Insert Stuff

There are two different methods that can be used to provide students with a Kaltura VQ in a way that will create a connection to the D2L Brightspace Gradebook. One involves using the "Add Existing Activities" dropdown menu to add the VQ as its own topic in a module. The other involves using Insert Stuff to embed the Kaltura VQ anywhere Insert Stuff is available. Each method has its pros and cons as outlined in the following table. These pros and cons are based on how D2L Brightspace handles interactions with external tool providers like Kaltura.

Categories module.

Add Exiting Activities

Embedding via Insert Stuff 

Can Designate VQ Grade Item Point Value Ahead of Time



Grade Item Appears in Gradebook ImmediatelyYES (1)NO (2)
Kaltura VQ appears in context with other content on the page    NOYES
Maximum points default to 100 and cannot be changed until after the first student submitsNOYES
"Exclude from Final Grade Calculation" is enabled by defaultNOYES

(1) Will appear immediately if grade item is associated with the topic during creation/setup.

(2) Grade item will not appear until at least one student has successfully submitted their VQ score.

Method 01 - Add Existing Activities
  1. Navigate to the Content tool in D2L Brightspace.
  2. Click Add Existing Activities and then Add Kaltura Media (NOTE: The title for inserting Kaltura media is unique to every installation and may have a different title in your installation).
  3. The Add Activity windows appears. In this window you can either select a previously existing Video Quiz (2) or create a new one using the Add New menu (1). If you decide to make a new VQ, please see Kaltura Video Quizzes Guide for Creating Quizzes for instructions.
  4. To make it easier to select an existing Video Quiz, use the Filters menu to narrow your results down to just quizzes.
  5. Click Select for the VQ you want to embed.
  6. Navigate into the topic you just created by clicking on its title. The topic title will be the same as the name of the Video Quiz.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and use the Assessment area to create a new D2L Grade Item or associate with an existing Grade Item.
Method 02 - Embedding via Insert Stuff

NOTE: Using this method, the grade item will not appear in the Brightspace by D2L Gradebook until at least one student submits their VQ. Once it is submitted, the grade item will have a default maximum points of 100 and will be excluded from final grade calculation. Changing the maximum points after students have already submitted DOES NOT scale the students score. For example, a student submits their VQ and gets a 60/100. The instructor then modifies the maximum points to 50. The student will now have 50/50 and not 30/50.

  1. Navigate any area in D2L that has a text editor with the Insert Stuff button e.g. a file (topic in the Content tool), discussions, etc. For the purposes of this article we will use a file being created as a topic in the Content tool.
  2. Click New and Create a File.
  3. Click the Insert Stuff icon.
  4. Click Insert Kaltura Media (NOTE: The title for inserting Kaltura media is unique to every installation and may have a different title in your installation).
  5. (Optional) You can now filter to select the Interactive Video Quiz you want to embed as in Step 4 in Method 1. To embed, click the Select button for the VQ you want to embed.
  6. After publishing and after the first student takes the interactive video quiz, the grade item will appear in the gradebook.
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