Version List for Kaltura Video Plugin for Jive

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Version List for Kaltura Video Plugin for Jive

General Plugin Info

Kaltura Plugin supports Jive versions 6 and 7 (and all its minor versions).

It supports Jive on-premise deployment as well as hosted deployment (a single Jive instance hosted and managed on Jive cloud). It doesn't support Jive SaaS (multi-tenant environment).

It is supported on Jive web application, visiable and operational on desktop and through mobile browser. It is not supported in Jive native app.

Kaltura modules that are available in this plugin are 'my media' for Jive user, 'video gallery' for Jive spaces and embedding a video inside blogs, discussions and documents.



Date Released



July, 2014

Kaltura Application Framework v 5.9.55


March, 2014 

Kaltura Application Framework v 5.6.05 

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