Kaltura Video Package for Moodle User Guide

This guide is intended for users of the Kaltura Video Package for Moodle.

The following documentation is available for information about Kaltura's Video Package for Moodle:

Kaltura Video Package V4 for Moodle Setup Guide

Kaltura Video Package 4.2.6 for Moodle 3.x Installation Guide

Kaltura Video Package 4.2.6 for Moodle 3.x Upgrade Guide

Kaltura Video Quiz Moodle Gradebook Integration Deployment Guide

Kaltura Video Quiz Moodle Gradebook User Guide

Kaltura Video Package for Moodle - Release Notes

Section 1 Overview of Kaltura's Video Package for Moodle

About the Kaltura Tools

The tools available may vary and depend on your administrator's setup configuration. In some cases, the tools may have different names or may not be available.

Section 2 Interacting With Media 

My Media - Upload/Add Media

Upload Media From Your Desktop

Express Capture

Create Media Using Your Webcam Recorder and/or Microphone

Keyboard Shortcuts

YouTube Entries

Add Media From YouTube

Replace a YouTube Link

Analytics for YouTube Entries

Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture Workflow

Documentation Guides

Video Quiz

How Does Video Quiz Work?

Product Information

Kaltura Video Quiz Information Guides

LMS Integration Guides

Viewing Media

Refresh My Media

Media Comments

Comment On a Media Item

Display Comments

Reply To a Comment

Delete a Comment

Section 3 Sorting, Filtering, and Searching Through Content

Types of Search Pages

Media Search 

Galleries Search

How to Read the Media Search Results

Show More

Search Filters

Keywords and Filters Logic

Section 4 Managing Your Media 

Access the Edit Media Page

Edit Media Metadata

Schedule Media

Enable Clipping, Disable Comments, and Close Discussion

Change Media Owner and Add Collaborator

Set and Modify Thumbnails

Download Media

Upload and Manage Captions

Add Attachments

Manage Chapters and Slides Via the Timeline Tab

Replace Media

Customize the Entry Display

Delete the Entry

Launch the Editor

Section 5 Entry Level Analytics

Access Entry Level Analytics


Views on Playback

User Engagement

User Engagement Heatmap

Metrics Over Time

Engagement Funnel

Top Countries

Devices Overview

Top Domains

Section 6 Quiz Reporting (Analytics)

Section 7 Sharing Media

Share a Link to a Media Page

Embed a Media Item

Section 8 The Kaltura Media Gallery

Create and Add Media to Media Gallery Playlists

Manage a Media Gallery

Section 9 Publishing Media

Publishing Media from the My Media Page

Publishing Media from the Media Gallery

Section 10 Channel/Course Analytics

Section 11 Embed Media through Rich-Text Editor

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