Overview of the Kaltura D2L DMS 3.0 Plugin

Kaltura has partnered with Brightspace to offer an out-of-the-box extension that enables you to record, upload, publish, search, and share video directly from your Brightspace environment. This translates into time and money saved for your organization, improved student engagement, creativity and learning results, as well as ease of use for students, faculty and teaching assistants.

Kaltura's Video Extension for Brightspace makes it easy to add the robust capabilities of Kaltura's open source online video platform to any Brightspace site. The Kaltura Video Extension for Brightspace User Manual was developed specifically for Brightspace and integrates with other features and modules, such as assignments and announcements, so that users can upload and embed media easily.

KAF Overview Main Features and Tools

My Media

My Media is a repository of single user’s media, where each user has a personal searchable repository for viewing and managing private media content. Media items within My Media may be added to sites and inline text item, based on the user’s enrollment.

User’s My Media content is shared and consistent across all Kaltura applications (for example, Kaltura MediaSpace) in use by the institution and serves as the basis for cross campus suite.

To access My Media

  1. Log into your KAF application. 
  2. Click Kaltura My Media.

Kaltura Media Gallery

The Kaltura Media Gallery is a searchable gallery of media content of a specific site. The Media Gallery does not necessarily include all media that is used within the site in other contexts. Instead, the Media Gallery contains the content that was deliberately assigned to it.

The Kaltura Media Galley is intended to be used as a media syllabus for a site, as a social media repository of the site or in some cases for media assignments. The Kaltura Media Gallery may be used simultaneously with media in context, as a standalone or not at all, depending on how the teacher and school prefer to use it.

To access the Kaltura Media Gallery

  • Enter your course site.
    The Media Gallery is displayed according to your administrator’s configuration.

Shared Repository

Users can upload videos and share them with others in courses through the Shared Repository. Content that is uploaded through My Media or a course Media Galley is not automatically uploaded to the Shared Repository. Students and faculty can publish to the Shared Repository through My Media, or through an Entry page. After a user publishes its content to the Shared Repository, it can be viewed by all and published to any course Media Gallery in your KAF application.

The Shared Repository is available to users based on their role configuration in KAF. A user can publish to and from the Shared Repository contingent upon their configuration. The administrator can configure the Shared Repository to be accessible only to Faculty (Teachers) to create a cross-site Faculty Repository. For more details, please refer to the Setup Guide for you particular application.

Getting Started

Perform the following:

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