Kaltura Product Support

Annoto provides its in-video collaboration and insights solution for Live video and VOD across the different Kaltura products. 


Annoto supports Kaltura MediaSpace. 

Kaltura Webcasting 

Annoto supports Kaltura Webcasting and provides a unique capability of continuing user discussions and personal notes that were made during live video streams, on VOD, keeping each comment in sync with the video. Annoto provides analytics and insights on the user's activities during the live session and afterwards in the VOD. 

Now Kaltura Webcasting users can collaborate and take notes during live streaming and then continue on the recorded content, and all the analytics will be available through the Annoto dashboard (also integrated as part of Kaltura). 

Kaltura Webcast has added support to “Live to VOD” 

This is a unique capability enabling all Users Interactions (comments, notes, votes, etc.) created during the Live session to be available on the recorded session as well. 

KAF Module (LMS Integration) 

Annoto supports the KAF Module integration. All the settings that are available for KMS are also supported for the KAF Integration. 

Kaltura Lecture Capture 

All Annoto features and capabilities are also available for Kaltura Lecture Capture live stream enabling all users to interact (comments, notes, votes, etc.) during the live broadcast, and gain insights on the live sessions. 

KMC Player Plugin 

Annoto can be added as a player plugin in KMC. This enable customer to embed Annoto in external sites (SharePoint, intranet etc.). 

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