Kaltura LMS Integrations - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between My Media and My Gallery?

My Media: My Media is your personal media storage. It is different for each user because it shows media you yourself have uploaded or created over time. The same “My Media” list is available to you from each course, and items in My Media can be published in one or more courses. Items in My Media are private to you until they are published somewhere. You can also add other users as collaborators on your media from within My Media.

Media Gallery: The Media Gallery is private to the course you are in. Everyone enrolled in that course can see what’s published to the Media Gallery. Multiple people in the course can contribute to the Media Gallery depending on the way the admin setup the course.

I added a video in the LMS page using the “Embed Kaltura Media” button, is it now in the Media Gallery?"

No. These are two separate publishing actions. Only users with access to that LMS page will see the video that was embedded there.

You can learn more here.  

Why am I getting a third-party cookie error when accessing one of the Kaltura tools?

The Kaltura video tools included in LMSs - e.g. My Media, Media Gallery, and content embedded using the Kaltura icon – require support for session cookies.

In recent months several browsers (including IE and Safari) changed their default settings to block third party cookies.

If users are experiencing a message like “"it seems your browser is blocking 3rd party session cookies", please enable cookies in that browser.

For Kaltura System Administrators:

  • Here is an example of how other universities communicate this to their end users: University of Illinois example
  • Another option to resolve this issue in a more permanent way is using an alias for the KAF instance. See information on how to do that here.
How can I access the Captions editor?
  1. In My Media, click on the name of your media
  2. In the Actions menu under the video, select “Caption Requests”.
  3. If you don’t see anything in the table, click the link to refresh the list. (Automated captions take a few minutes to appear after you have uploaded content.)
  4. Use the Edit button to launch the Captions Editor. It is opened in a new tab.


I am trying to add a collaborator and the person's name is not showing up in my selection list. Why?

The person you are trying to add as a collaborator probably did not use Kaltura in the LMS yet. To be added to Kaltura list, a user should click on a Kaltura tool in the LMS at least once in order for them to show up in the selection list for adding collaborators. 


  • Superman never clicked on a Kaltura tool in the LMS. Even though you know the person's username you cannot add Superman as a collaborator.
  • Dr. Suess (not a typo) clicked on a Kaltura tool in the LMS, so his/her name appears in the selection list for you to add him/her as a collaborator.
How do I find other's media that I am a collaborator for?
  1. Go to My Media.
  2. Click on Filters.
  3. Select “Media I can Edit” or “Media I can Publish”
I am looking at a 360 video and I cannot interact with it. Why?

Are you getting this view?


When what you really want is one of these views?

If so…

As the media owner or co-editor make sure you have added the tag “360” (without quotations) to your content, otherwise the player won’t know to play it as such. 

You can add the '360' tag in the media editing screen Details tab that is accessed through My Media.


If you are a viewer only, you should ask the media owner or editor may need to add the “360” tag to their video. 

Also, due to a limitation by Apple, the 360-degree plugin is currently disabled for Safari on MAC and Chrome/Safari on mobile iOS Devices. On those browsers, the video will be shown as a regular video (like the first image above)

For more information visit Kaltura 360° and VR Video Player Support


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