Kaltura Express Capture FAQs and Troubleshooting Guide

Kaltura Express Capture Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the V3 player enabled?

A: Kaltura Express Capture requires the Recorder module to be enabled on your partner. The v3 player is created automatically after you enable and save the Recorder module configuration. 

Q: How to remove the legacy Flash Recorder?

A: To remove the legacy Flash webcam recorder

  1. Login to the KMS/KAF admin page, and navigate to the Application module
  2. Locate the "enableWebcam" field, and set it to "No".

Q: Why are there alert messages displaying in MediaSpace and Kaltura Application Framework (KAF) applications when I use the Webcam Recording option?

A; Your browser must support webRTC. Please see the list of supported browsers and more information here.
If a “Failed to allocate resource: permission denied” alert is displayed, (camera or audio) configure your browser’s alerts to allow permissions on the site for webcam and audio. 

Change your OS settings

You will usually find the Settings menu at the end or beginning of the browser’s URL box. If not, the browser you are using does not have permission to use the camera/audio and you will need to change the permissions in the OS settings. Open your OS settings, and allow Chrome camera privileges in the system. This is a common issue for iOS users after upgrading to Mojave. 


Q: How to test your webcam? 

A:  To test your webcam:

  1. Go to https://webrtc.github.io/samples/src/content/peerconnection/constraints
  2. Click “Get Media” and click Allow access to your camera.
  3. Wait for the stream.
    If the stream on the left does not display – the browser you are using is not capable of using the camera.
  4. Change the configuration in the OS settings.

The webcam functionality in this case is due to a browser issue and not related to the Kaltura application.

Q:  Is  Kaltura Express Capture available for the Kaltura Video Building Block for Blackboard Learn Extension?

A:  Yes. Kaltura Express Capture is available for Blackboard Learn Extensions v5.2.3 and above.

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