How to use the share option?

You can use the Share feature to add the Share interface to the Player.

To set the share button

  1. Select the Universal Studio tab and select the Look and Feel icon.
  2. Check the box next to Share feature to enable this option.
  3. Select the parent (where the Share button should be placed) from the drop down menu.

    The options are:

     4. Select the Share button alignment location.
     5. Enter the Order where the Share button should be displayed.
     6. Enter a Social share URL. (optional) This will control what URL is shared to the respective social networks. For example{} would share a page on your site with that URL where the current video entry id is substituted into the URL.
     7. Enter the social networks that you want to create Share buttons for. The defaults are Facebook, Twitter and Google.
     8. Click Preview changes to preview your modifications.
     9. Click Save Player Settings. 

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