How to resolve Chrome content display issues

Chrome enforces a security policy by which, if a secured site, where requests are encrypted by SSL, tries to connect to another site using HTTP, as opposed to HTTPs, the request is blocked. This is the default behavior.   

Many of our users configure SSL only on the KMS machine, since it is 'customer facing', but not on the KMC, which is also the API machine KMS talks to in most cases, and that is typically accessed by staff members.

You should configure SSL on the API machines as well as on KMS so that requests are not blocked when using Chrome. The way to work around this issue is to pass the --allow-running-insecure-content flag to Chrome on Linux, MAC or Windows.

On Windows: exec cmd.exe and then run:
c:Usersc5173252AppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplication>Chrome --allow-running-insecure-content.

This behavior does not happen in Firefox, Safari and, Explorer since this security policy is not enforced by these browsers at the present time.

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