How to prepare a video/audio entry?

Use this option to prepare metadata and publishing settings for a video/audio entry before its related  media files are ready for upload. This option enables a flexible entry preparation workflow and is  especially useful when video files are:
  • Transcoded by a local transcoder
  • Processed while content editorial work is being done in the KMC
  • Processed after content editorial work is completed in the KMC

To prepare a video/audio entry

  1. Prepare a draft entry in the KMC and fill in its metadata and publishing settings.
  2. Add the media source file or the locally generated Transcoding Flavors to the entry. 
  3. Use the entry’s Flavors tab to add files or flavors. See The Flavors Tab

Ingestion Status 

The ingestion status of an entry that you create with the Prepare Video/Audio Entry option automatically is set to No Media. The status remains No Media until one or more media files are added to the entry.

Draft Entry 

An entry that you create with the Prepare Video/ Audio Entry option is saved as a Draft entry in the Kaltura system until you add content. 
A Draft entry remains available in the Content > Manage tab for further editing.

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