How to manage playlists in MediaSpace

After you create a playlist, you can preview the playlist, reorder the media in the playlist, design the playlist, and copy the playlist's embed code.

NOTE: If you cannot manage a playlist, ask your MediaSpace administrator to give you the required permission.

To manage a playlist

  1. Do one of the following:

    1. Select the My Playlists tab.
    2. Click a media thumbnail or title. In the Add to Playlists tab under the media player, click Manage Playlists.
  2. In the My Playlists tab, select a playlist from the Show Playlist menu.
  3. For the selected playlist, you can do the following:

    1. Delete the playlist.
    2. Reorder the videos in the playlist.
    3. Remove videos from the playlist.
    4. Copy the playlist's embed code to paste it on a web site.
    5. Select the layout and color of the playlist.
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