Join A Kaltura Live Room Using a Smartphone

Iphone users can connect to a Kaltura Meetings live session with audio. Once inside the Kaltura Live room, you can communicate with other participants, as well as:

  • Text chat to write other participants or share a weblink.
  • Shared notes allow participants to see and share notes.
  • View the participant list to see who else is in your room.
  • Raise your hand to notify the moderator if you have any questions or need assistance.
  • Breakout into groups after being placed in side rooms by the instructor.

Join Your Session

Once you receive a link to a Kaltura Meetings Live Room, you are ready to connect to your session via your iPhone (iOS) or Android smartphone. You do not need to download an app.
  1. As a guest, you will be prompted to enter your name and email address. Then click Join The Session.

  2. After you have joined the session, you will be prompted to activate your microphone and camera. Click Allow.

3. Iphone users will are only able to participate in a session with audio but not their camera.  Click the microphone button on or off to be heard or not. Click Close. 

4. Participants can participate in portrait or landscape mode. There are benefits of viewing your session in the different viewing modes - Portrait or Landscape.

Portrait Mode

Portrait mode allows you to see the person speaking or shared content while having access to features such as chat, notes, and the participant list. 

Landscape Mode

Landscape mode focuses more on the conversation between yourself and other users and removes the various features from your view. 
Note: You can access the tools again when flipping your phone back to Portrait mode. 

Change Your Settings

To go into your settings, click the Settings tab. You will then be brought to a screen where you will have the option to disable your camera by either clicking microphone button off or on.  OR click anywhere on the stage and click your microphone button on or off.  


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