What 'plays" are included in the KMC analytics

08/20/2019Matan Friedman
Playing an entry in the Preview & Embed window counts as a play for analytics data, however, the amount of time the entry was played using the Preview & Embed window is not included in the analytics data. The Preview & Embed window serv...

What is the Kaltura scoring?

01/05/2021Tal Binder
How do you measure a top engaging video? Is it the most number of plays? How many users watched it? Is it the drop-off rate?  In reality, it's not one thing, but the combination of all of the above. So we took into account these 3 metrics a...

Adding Kaltura Analytics to a Non-Kaltura Player

See here.

'Plays' instead of 'Views' in KMS and KAF Based Applications

08/20/2019Gilat Tzitrinovich
The number of views presented on the player and on the entry page has been changed to the number of plays. views - entry was loaded plays - viewer actually pressed the 'play' button or video actually started to play The numbe...

What does the Avg. View Drop-off analytic represent in the content reports?

08/20/2019Gilat Tzitrinovich
See Contents Reports here .

How can I send player usage events and see them on the Analytics tab

08/20/2019Gilat Tzitrinovich
Sending Events from a Player to Kaltura Analytics You can send events from a player to Kaltura Analytics by passing a URL to  stats.kaltura.com using the GET method with the following parameters. Mandatory Parameters uiConfID = "...