Enhanced Settings for Channel and Category Embed

The channelEmbed and categoryEmbed modules allow the KMS admin to decide on the default behavior of the Embed tab when an entry is accessed in the context of a channel or category.

The modules:

  • Allow channel/category managers to block embed-grabbing from their channel/category.
  • Override the default role permissions set by the main Embed module, allowing finer grain control differentiated between categories and channels.

For the KMS Admin

Enable the channelEmbed and categoryEmbed modules are located in the Modules/category and Modules/channel, respectively.

For the Channel/Category Manager

When enabled, a checkbox is added to the category/channel settings page.

In a channel:

In a category:

When the allowManagerOverride field is set to 'No', the  “Enable embed grab” checkbox is displayed with the default value, as set in the module’s configuration by the KMS admin, but will be disabled.


End-users Trying to Grab an Embed

When an end-user attempts to grab an embed of an entry from a category/channel that prevents embed grabbing, the following message is displayed:

  • Both modules depend on the Embed module to be enabled. In case the Embed module is disabled, embeds will not be allowed regardless of these modules’ settings, and the “Enable embed” checkbox will not appear in the category/channel settings.
  • Per the module’s logic as described above, should the embedRoles in the Embed module be set differently than the one in the category/channel modules, the latter will take effect.


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