Enable and Configure Kaltura Webcasting Self-serve

Contact your Kaltura representative to enable the Kaltura Webcasting Self-serve feature for your account. After the relevant Webcasting features are configured in the Kwebcast module ( see the Kaltura Webcasting Administrator's Guide), configure the Webcasting Self-serve fields as described in this article.

KMS Admin

  1. Log in to the KMS admin of your KMS instance.
  2. Select the Kwebcast module.
  3. Select Yes in the SupportSelfServed field to enable Self-serve.

    By enabling the SupportSelfServed field, you automatically enable the Preview Live mode (autoStartEventOnBroadcast). The Go Live button will be displayed in the KMS/Webcasting application to click to actually Go Live.
  4. In the allowedSelfServedUsers section click (+ Add "allowedSelfServedUsers").
  5. Select the users that will be entitled to use Kaltura Self-serve Webcasting. Click "Select Users" and type in the user name or id. Click Submit.
  6. Repeat for multiple users.
  7. Click Save.
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