December 2015 Release Notes - Canvas


Date Released



December, 2015

Kaltura Application Framework v 5.37.06

Version 1.1

These release notes pertain to the Kaltura Video App for Canvas, released in January, 2015. Added support according to the content item message specification as part of the LTI standard. 

To upgrade you will need to uninstall the Media Gallery app and re-install following the instructions in the Kaltura Video App for Canvas Deployment Guide.

Resolved issues

KMS-9242The rich-text editor integration has been transitioned and now complies with content-item message specification.
KMS-10344You can now use the Create XML generator for the Canvas app installation.
SUP-6096The problem with embedding Kaltura Media within Canvas Groups that  resulted in an "Access Denied" error has been fixed.

** Currently, you need to map the LTI role "None" to the  "PrivateOnly Role" to allow embedding content within Canvas Groups. Please note that this will also grant My Media access to users with the "None" role.

Known Issues





Publish / General UI

When publishing a single item via My Media, there is an indication in the course's check boxes where the item was published.
When publishing multiple items, the indication is not displayed.


View Media / General UI

When viewing a media item in large screen resolutions (e.g. 1280x800), the video player size does not fit the entire iframe.
Workaround: Scroll down to reach the player's control bar.






My Media / View Media

When an entry is uploaded to a course via Browse, Search & Embed, the following tag is included in the media item's details: 'embedded in course'.
After the entry is deleted from the specific embed HTML of the course, the tag 'embedded in course' is still displayed under the entry's details.



When deleting a course from Canvas, after a new category was created in Kaltura's end, the deletion is not reflected in Kaltura and the category is not deleted.
This issue causes the entry to display all the courses it was published to, even though these courses may have been deleted.

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