Creating and Managing Channels in Kaltura MediaSpace

If you cannot create and manage channels, ask your MediaSpace administrator to give you the required permission.

Creating a Channel

Be certain to take a moment to consider your privacy settings when creating a channel. You have the option of deciding who sees what, and you should make a conscious choice here. You can decide to allow only members to send messages or share videos with you; to let others see your “channel” on MediaSpace if they have your e-mail address; and to share or hide “interesting statistics” about each of your videos with your viewers.

To create a channel

  1. Select My Channels from the User drop down menu.
  2. On the My Channels page, click Create Channel.
    The Create a New Channel page is displayed.
    There are two types of channels that are configuration based: Shared Repositories and Public channels.
  3. On the Create New Channel page:
    Enter values for:

    • Name – Enter the channel name to display on the Channels page.
    • Description – Enter a summary of the channel content to display on the My Channels page. 
    • Tags – Enter a descriptive tag to use in searches.

      (Optional) Select the privacy settings for the channel.

    • Open – Membership is open, and non-members can view content and participate.
    • Restricted – Non-members can view content, but users must be invited to participate 
    • Private – Membership is by invitation only and only members can view content and participate.
    • Shared Repository - Membership is by invitation only. Members can publish content from this channel to any other channel according to their entitlements.
    • Public - Anyone can view content (including anonymous not logged-in users). Only channel members can contribute content according to their publishing entitlements.

      (Optional) Select the options settings for the channel.

    • Moderate content (Media will not appear in channel until approved by channel manager.)
    • Enable comments in channels
    • Enable subscription to channel

    • If comments are enabled for a media item, the comments are displayed when the media item is accessed through a channel only when the Enable comments in Channels checkbox is selected. To completely disable comments for a media item, see Disabling and Closing Comments.

      Depending on your entitlements, select the Categories that this channel will be associated with.
      For example, the categories of the following instance of MediaSpace are as follows:
      In the Create a New Channel Window the option to assign the channel to one of the categories is available:

  4. Click Save.

Shared Repositories

You can create shared media repositories that allow any member to not only browse the media that is published in the shared repository, but also use the media to publish to other channels and/or categories. Members of a shared repository can contribute content to it, based on permission level, and re-use content that was contributed to the shared repository by other members.

Shared Repositories allow education institutions and enterprises to create a shared media location for media that anyone with access to the location, has publishing rights to that content and can share the media to other areas in MediaSpace. 

A shared repository is a special type of channel. Nested filters add the ability to filter media from a shared repository when media is added to a channel/category. For more information about Nested Filters see How to Use Nested Filters.

When adding content to any shared repository, a user can add content from their My Media list


if the user is a member of one or more shared repositories, they can add a content item from the shared repository to a selected channel/gallery (whether that content item is theirs or was contributed to the shared repository by someone else).

To create a shared repository

  1. Create a channel and set the privacy settings to Shared Repository. See Creating a Channel. 
  2. Add Users to the Shared Repository. See the section Editing Channel Users  in the Kaltura Mediaspace User Manual.

To add entries to the shared repository

  1. Go to My Media.
  2. Select the content you want to add to the Shared Repository.
  3. In the edit entry window click “Click to add required metadata for shared repository.”
  4. Assign the media to one or more filters and click Save.
  5. Publish your media. See Publishing Media.

Your media is now shareable between members of defined shared repositories.

To add content from a Shared Repository to your channels 

  1. Select My Channels from the User drop down menu.
  2. Click on the Channel that you want to add the content from to the shared repository.
  3. Click on the Media tab to display the media.
  4. Click Add to Channel button.
  5. Click on Shared Repositories tab and select one of the shared repositories from the drop-down list.
  6. Search for the item by either scrolling down the page or using the search box or nested filters.
    1. Enter a search string and click Search
    2. Click on the Search icon and check the filters that you want to search through to find content and click Search.
      The content that was created within the nested filters is displayed.
  7. Select the content you want to add to the channel and click Publish.

Public Channels

A public channel allows anonymous users (guests) to view the channel when enabled, the Channels gallery link is available to anonymous users but displays only public channels. 

For more information on managing a channel see the relevant section in the Kaltura Mediaspace User Manual.

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