Assignment Workflow

KAF Administrators have the ability to prevent published content/media from being deleted or edited across the board for LMS integrations. For compliance reasons, assignments only may need to be blocked from editing or deletion.

A new configuration is available that allows users to indicate whether the content they are embedding is an assignment.

When a user indicates that they are submitting media as assignment, the entry is cloned under a  new user name ("original user name_assignment") .

The cloned entry will not be available in My Media to edit or delete. This ensures that assignments are saved and cannot be edited or deleted.


Admin Configuration in the Browseandembed Module

 The KAF administrator can enable this feature in the Browseandembed module.

enableAssignmentSubmission – Select Yes to enable this option and add a pop up screen when selecting media in Browse, Search and Embed to verify if the user is submitting an assignment.


assignmentSubmissionText - The text that appears in the pop up. The default text is "Would you like to submit media as an assignment?" The text can may be modified in this field.


assignmentSubmissionMaxRole – Use to set the highest role level that should be able to see the pop up when selecting an entry in Browse, Search and Embed.


User Display for Submitting and Assignment

When the enableAssignmentSubmission is enabled and the user role is under the defined roles in the configuration, every time the user selects an entry to embed in Browse, Search and Embed, the following pop up is displayed:

 Media is cloned and saved under a different user’s name and will not be available for use.


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