Is Annoto accessible?

12/02/2020Jennifer Harris
Yes, Annoto is VPAT Compliant for Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 for Level A and AA and Section 508 (including Screen Readers).

Is Annoto compatible with all web browsers?

12/02/2020Jennifer Harris
Yes, Annoto supports all web browsers. 

Does Annoto work in Mobile?

12/02/2020Jennifer Harris
Yes, Annoto is web responsive and supports Mobile/Tablets. 

How many languages does Annoto support?

12/02/2020Jennifer Harris
Annoto supports 28 languages. 

If I use the same video in two different courses, will users of Course B see the discussion of Course A?

12/02/2020Jennifer Harris
No, Annoto discussions are private per course. If you use the same video in two different courses, you will have two different discussions. However, it is possible to have the same discussion for different courses. You can make those definitions wit...

Is there a way to moderate comments and screen them before posting?

10/29/2020Debbie Zioni
Following are the current moderation options:  1. Manual (Default): Annoto has manual moderation capabilities built-in via the widget or the Annoto dashboard. Moderators can moderate the conversation directly via the widget or via the dashboar...

Will users who posted comments be updated when their comment was blocked/removed by the manager?

06/08/2020Tal Binder
Currently, no.

Can a manager block / remove certain comments based on their content?

06/08/2020Tal Binder
Yes, instructors have the ability to delete comments that are inappropriate. 

Can a manager see all incoming comments? (not a specific channel, rather the entire account)

06/08/2020Tal Binder
Yes, we also provide a site-level dashboard. Using this dashboard, you can oversee and manage the site and all channels/courses.