Android Platform Fragmentation and Kaltura Video

Much has been written regarding fragmentation in the Android platform. Behind all these ugly chartsmaps and databases of inconsistencies lies the challenge of building consistent user experiences for your visitors. This is especially true for web video where html5 sometimes works and sometimes does not, where Flash is sometimes supported and increasingly not.

Android 1.x

Android 2.x

As of September 2012 Android 2.x still makes up the majority of the Android platform market share. Unlike 1.x, 2.x often features the latest mobile flash and rudimentary HTML5 support. While this offers advantages in terms of analytics and player api support, it creates complicated trade offs.

In Summary

Android 1.x does not support flash or html5, so we provide direct download link to play, this means no ads or player branding and limited analytics. Android 2.2 / 2.3 devices often include flash, by default Kaltura uses the flash runtime providing robust ads, player branding, and analytics support, but you may experience some UI issues and the interface can be hard to use on a phone. Android 2 also has native player html5 support, where the page invokes the native phone friendly player ui, while supporting most of the html5 api. Android 3 is similar to Android 2 in terms of flash and calling out to native players, but also adds limited support for Http Live Streaming ( apples adaptive streaming protocol ). Android 4 adds support for grade A HTML5 with mobile chrome; enabling inline players, ads, branded experiences. Android 4 also more aggressively deprecates flash support.

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