How to add an overlay at the entry level?

To add an overlay at the entry level

  1. Configure the Player Advertising Settings.
  2. Select the Content Tab and select an entry.
  3. Select the Advertisements tab.
  4. Click on the + icon to add an overlay.
  5. Select the method to obtain the overlay add from the File Actions drop down menu.(Required) Select the Ad Type (video/overlay).
  6. For Video the Duration is the length of the video and the field will be greyed out.
  7. For Overlay – enter the amount of time to display in the Duration field.
  8. Enter the provider name: VAST or Other and optional values.
  9. For VAST enter the Tag URL and a descriptive name for the Midroll or Overlay, For other providers enter values that you want to pass to the player.
  10. Click Save. Learn more here.
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