Adding New Media and Re-purposing Existing Media in Other Tools and Content Areas Via the Mashup Tool

The Kaltura Video Building Block for Blackboard Learn Mashup Tool can be used to embed media inside rich-text elements such as Forums and Assignments. By integrating with the Mashup Tool, the ability to add media anywhere a user is allowed to publish text to, for example: forums, assignments, notifications is possible. 

Using the Mashup Tool integration users can:

  • Browse, Search and Embed from your My Media
  • Browse, Search Embed content from a single course or from multiple courses’ Media Galleries.
  • Browse, Search and Embed Content from a Shared Repository (available to Faculty only)
  • Upload and embed New Content on the fly.

For example, users can repurpose media via the Mashup Tool in:

  • Discussion board
  • Messages
  • Tasks
  • Assignments submission

To use the Kaltura Media Mashup Tool to embed media

  1. In the Courses tab navigation panel select Content.
  2. In any rich-text item, click the Mashups button and choose Kaltura Media.

    The Kaltura Browse, Search and Embed dialog is displayed. The Browse, Search and Embed window allows you to upload and create new content on the fly. You can reuse existing content from My Media, a Media Gallery and from the Shared Repository.
  3. Click Add New to add new media, or search for the media you want to embed. 
  4. To embed a video from a course Media Gallery click the Course Galleries tab. If you are enrolled in more than one course you can select which course to embed from. (This option can be turned off by an administrator.)
  5. To embed a video that was shared to the Faculty Repository, click the Shared Repository tab. 
  6. To embed a video, click the Select button next to the video to embed. You can use the dropdown menu to select a different size for the player.

    The Embedded Media appears inside the text item, along with related metadata.
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