Access Control

How to restrict content to specific countries

08/20/2019Leetal Elitzur
Geographic restrictions, similar to domain restrictions, allow you to define a “white list” or a “black list” of specific geographical locations, limiting or enabling playback attempts of content for users located in these lo...

What are access control profiles?

08/20/2019Tal Binder
An Access Control Profile defines authorized and restricted domains where your content can or cannot be displayed, countries from which it can or cannot be viewed, white and black lists of IP addresses and authorized and unauthorized domains in whic...

How to restrict domains?

08/20/2019Leetal Elitzur
Kaltura’s Access Control mechanism provides the means to restrict content playback from specific domains. This is useful to prevent scraping of content from your website or re-sharing of content on other sites that are not yours. Domain restr...