Which ad servers can you integrate with the KMC?

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Integrating your Ad Server with the KMC is a one-time activity performed when you initially set up video advertising. The ad server has to be VAST compliant or available as a Kaltura plugin. You may also create a custom swf for the Kaltura Player to support.

After you have selected an ad server and set up an account with that ad server, you integrate the ad server with the KMC by establishing a connection between that ad server and KMC. After the connection is established, all ad requests generated by the Kaltura Dynamic Player are in a format which the ad server expects, allowing seamless communication between the Kaltura Player and the ad server.

The Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) is an industry standard for the XML response from an ad server. Most of the leading Ad Servers and Ad Networks are VAST compliant, and support IAB standard (VAST 1.0 / VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0).

Popular ad servers include DoubleClick, Dart For Publisher (DFP), Microsoft Atlas, OpenX, ScanScout.  To see the full list of servers and networks that comply with VAST, refer to the IAB website:

In general, ads, tracking, scheduling, and other parameters, are configured on the ad server side. With VAST, other parameters need to be configured through the KMC or Kaltura Player. Ad parameters are configured through the Studio tab in the KMC.  


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