What's New in the Kaltura Video Tool for Sakai Version 4

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Designed in partnership with leading universities, the Kaltura Video Tool for Sakai provides Sakai users with a full video solution that, once installed, is completely pre-integrated into the Sakai system and workflows. The Kaltura Video Tool, which is built on Kaltura’s market-leading Open Source Online Video Platform, brings advanced video and rich-media to Sakai users allowing content management, uploading, publishing and sharing by faculty and students.

Sakai V4 – What’s New

We are excited to announce the release of the V4 Kaltura Video Tool for Sakai 10.x that includes the introduction of LTI functionality to the tool allowing a simpler role mapping function, mapping Sakai roles to LTI roles to Kaltura roles, and granularity in terms of access and permissions. The new version brings lots of new functionality to the Sakai Video Tool as outlined below; though most importantly, and possibly most anticipated, the new version is built on top of the Kaltura Application Framework (KAF), a feature-rich framework that allows flexible and streamlined integration of Kaltura’s video solutions and products. KAF is hosted and served directly from the Kaltura cloud servers and integrated into your Sakai environment presenting different video components and workflows to users that will enjoy new features as they are released.

My Media

“My Media” is a repository of individual user media, where each user has a personal searchable repository for viewing and managing media content. Media items within “My Media” may be added to “Media Galleries” and inline text based on user enrolment.

Key Highlights:

  • “My Media” is now accessed through a separate area of the integration
  • UI Facelift
  • My media can now be added to “My Workspace”
  • Improved filtering and sorting of content and thumbnail management
  • Many more options:
    • Media collaboration – Ability to assign co-editors and co-publishers to your entries
    • Chapters – Break videos apart into sections or compile multiple videos for consumption
    • Captions – The ability to upload caption files for compliance and accessibility
    • Embed code generation – Ability to create and share embed codes from Sakai

Note: Publishing directly to a media gallery allows for additional functionality (rather than publishing to channel playlists “collections”).

Media Gallery (Site Gallery)

The “Media Gallery” is a searchable repository of media content unique to your institution. It does not necessarily include all media that is used within Kaltura in other contexts; instead, it is content that was deliberately assigned to the “Media Gallery” for sharing.

In the previous version both “Collections” and “My Media” were accessed through the site gallery. This section refers only to content that was previously part of the site gallery.

Key Highlights:

  • Once a video is published to a site gallery, it will be visible to all users who have access. During the migration, entries that were previously set to “private” in a site gallery will be automatically published.
  • Only the content owner can edit an entry, not the gallery owner or admin as in the previous versions. However, galleries can be moderated
  • Added Analytics per “Media Gallery”
  • Enhanced search and In-Video search, allows easier and more effective capabilities to find and use content
  • UI Facelift
  • Comments – you can now enable comments per entry in the “Media Gallery”
  • Analytics – content owners will have more insights into who has viewed content and for how long

All content in the “Media Gallery” can be used via the rich text editor integration; this cannot be set by entry as in previous version (reusable setting) & “Media Gallery” cannot be hidden (as possible in current version)

Rich Text Editor (Browse, Search, and Embed)

We have added the ability to add media anywhere a user is allowed to publish text within Sakai, which is an integration point for many use cases such as: forums, assignments, notifications, etc.

Key Highlights:

  • In the new version you can also select media from “My Media”

Note: You cannot choose what is available for use (reusable). All content in the “Media Gallery” can be used in the rich text editor integration

Channel Playlists/Collections

In the previous Sakai version users were able to create collections of media, which group media based upon a common theme and set different permissions. This feature will be transitioned to “Channel Playlists” in the new version.

Key Highlights:

  • Only a media gallery owner (e.g. instructor) can create/edit/delete playlists.
  • Access to a playlist is for viewing onl. Only the content owner can edit the actual entry.
  • Only entries that were published in the “Media Gallery” can be added to the playlist. In later phases additional options will become available.

Kaltura Video Tool V4 for Sakai allows the integration of many new Kaltura tools, such as CaptureSpace, Webcasting, and In-Video quizzing (coming soon). 

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