What is the Features tab used for?

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In the Kaltura Management Console (KMC), you use the Features tab in the Edit Player or Create New Player window to select a player's features.

The Features tab is made up of different sections, controlling the various features of the player.

Use the options in this tab to select the features (buttons, layers and modules) to be included in your player.

The main screen is divided into the Features List on the left and the Preview pane on the right. As you select your features from the list, you can preview the changes in real time in the preview pane on the right.

To display and use the Features tab

  1. In the KMC, select the Studio tab.
  2. Highlight a player and select Edit from the Actions menu, or select a new player.
  3. In the Edit Player or Create New Player window, select the Features tab.
  4. Expand the menus to display and configure the options.
    Any changes you make will appear in the Preview area. (Click the Preview button to see the changes.)
  5. Click Save Changes.
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