How to Update Kaltura Player (V2)?

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Kaltura Edition: 


In this document you will learn how to update the Kaltura player (V2). 

This document is intended for updating a player On-Prem and not for a SaaS User. 

You can follow the mwEmbed player repository updates at Kaltura HTML5 player repository and update your mwEmbed when needed.

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Upgrading the Kaltura Player version Library:

You can also change the player configuration manually and force a specific player to use the new Kaltura HTML5 Player V2 version. Use this option when the Upgrade to  New Player option is not offered Kaltura (in the Universal studio). You will need to change the player UI Configuration.

Set up and Configure Kaltura V2 Library

Updating to the  Kaltura HTML5 Player V2 is an easy operation and requires a few simple steps. This document applies for all releases but for ease of reading we will use v2.23. You can replace the version number with any current version at the time of reading.




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